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Melbourne Water 8th Victorian Flood Conference

Flood conference looking decidedly dry...

Melbourne Water 8th Victorian Flood Conference


Melbourne Water 8th Victorian Flood Conference

Flooded with new ideas

Melbourne Water 8th Victorian Flood Conference

The 2013 Victorian Flood Conference focused on the challenges of improving how the industry manages and reduces flood impacts, builds community resilience, and better uses stormwater in a climate of austerity. There is no one approach to solving these challenges but through knowledge sharing and collaboration between agencies there is a chance.

We were flooded with approaches by industry leaders to be involved in this peak industry event and to share their knowledge and expertise about flood management. Flooding is a significant community issue with the average annual cost of damages from flooding in Victoria alone greater than $460 million.  We skilfully managed the plethora of requirements an event like this requires, and as a result the conference went smoothly and delivered on its objectives.  Highlights of the conference included several keynote addresses, a special hypothetical session, the exploration of the key themes in the breakout sessions, some relaxed social events and some great excursions including a tour of stormwater harvesting project and walking tours through some of Melbourne’s most innovative raingardens.  This was anything but a dry event, and we're excited at the thought of doing it all again in 2015.

The feedback was really positive, including this comment from our post event survey which kinda sums it all up:  "Overall it was a very well organised conference, compliments to all involved!"


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