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Shell - Ferrari 450th Race Celebration

Guests to the event included Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, and Giancarlo Fisichella the Ferrari race team, Ferrari and Shell executives, and media representatives.

Stokehouse proved to be the perfect venue to hold the event with its close proximity to the race track beautiful views of the bay, not only that, the staff’s excellent service and fantastic food ensured the night  flowed smoothly.

Key speakers from both Shell and Ferrari, including Richard Bracewell; General Manager of Shell Global Sponsorship, Stefano Domenicali; Director of the Ferrari Formula One Team and the Ferrari drivers themselves addressed the guests, highlighting the unique strength of the brand partnership.

At the same time as celebrating the partnership’s past successes, the evening also served as the ideal occasion to announce the renewal of a five year contract between the two companies. Stefano Domicali of Ferrari told the crowd “It’s hard to imagine a more solid partnership. Renewing the contract demonstrates how much Ferrari believes in Shell’s abilities, in its attention to detail, when it comes to technical research and team work. It’s a company where it is the people who count and make the difference.”

A fleet of new and vintage Ferraris at the entrance and iconic images of Ferrari and Shell’s race partnership on the interior provided the occasion with a great sense of history.

Special thanks must also be made to Zagame Automotive who provided their vehicles, including a silver Ferrari California free of charge for the night.

The evening was a great success and Stokehouse's restaurant and courtyard on the picturesque St Kilda foreshore provided the ideal location for the barbecue spread and cocktails well into the night.



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