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Myer Christmas Windows Reveal 2011

Myer CEO Bernie Brookes unveiled the 2011 Myer Christmas Windows to a very excited crowd, who were amongst the first to see the iconic Myer Windows bring this classic Christmas carol to life.

Ready Set Go handpicked the first children to experience the windows,  who also performed at the reveal to showcase the great work of The Song Room, a not for profit organisation providing music and arts programs to disadvantaged and high need communities.  It provided a perfect chance to support the work of an organisation really making a difference, and an appealing human interest story to increase the media coverage of the event.

Each year more than one million people visit the Myer Christmas Windows.  It’s been a Melbourne tradition for 56 years, so there is always significant media interest in the reveal.  It’s a tricky event to manage because of the high traffic location, but that’s what Ready Set Go does best.  For 53 years Myer managed the reveal themselves, but as the logistical, theatrical and technical components increased in complexity, Myer has entrusted RSG with the production of this event.



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