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2014 Good Friday Appeal


Some of us are more heavily involved, and spend months planning for the big day.  At Ready Set Go, this was the 9th time we have produced the event, and our MD Dave Deveny this year did it for the 19th time.  We work for the Seven Network as co-ordinating producers and the Good Friday Appeal as site producers, which is a large scale gig in anyone’s language. 

Each year is different, and the event seems to get bigger and better every year.  This year the big change was the change of venue, and we were responsible for the enormous job of moving the appeal from its previous location at Etihad Stadium to its new home Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Pretty much everything we do needed to be reassessed and revised to fit into new spaces, and work within new systems, and getting new people up to speed with new processes and new technology.  And that’s not all, it was also the first year for a new night time Channel 7 Charity Spectacular Concert, a new blueprint for the Kid’s Day Out (which was the first event ever to fill  the entire Convention Centre and Exhibition Spaces), a brand new data management system, and over 1,500 volunteers to induct and familiarise with the new venue.  Did we mention this is a massive job?  All in all, this involved nearly 1,700 hours of pre-production, meetings, planning and organising to make sure everything ran like clockwork.  A significant portion of this time is provided pro bono, our annual contribution towards the appeal and the amazing work of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

And on the day we took over the entire centre and coordinated all of the broadcast requirements, the Kids Day Out, the event in general, the phone room which houses over 200 phone operators, along with site safety.  There was a crowd of around 60,000 throughout the day, with no incidents to report.  We think this is a pretty outstanding result, and so does our client:

“I just wanted to thank you and the whole team at Ready Set Go for your amazing effort in planning and executing the Good Friday Appeal for the first time at the MCEC…So many changes meant that we were in unchartered waters for this Appeal but as a result of Ready Set Go’s hard work in planning, it all came together and it paid off.  Collectively Victorians dug deeper than ever before to produce the record total of $16,846,396.09 to help our sickest children…Your company lives up to its tagline of inspired thinking, talented production and exceptional delivery.  What can I say but thank you to everyone at Ready Set Go. It was amazing!”

What can we say but, you’re most welcome.  It’s a pleasure and an honour to be involved and to make such a significant contribution to this great cause.


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