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Good Friday Appeal

Hard at work during the telethon

Good Friday Appeal

Lights, camera...donation!

Good Friday Appeal

Ready to go

Good Friday Appeal

Good news at the GFA


A record breaking result

2013 RCH Good Friday Appeal

We were site producers on this most gruelling of events, a marathon of live television.  Even though we have been doing this for many years, each year always has its own challenges, and this year was no exception.  Here’s an excerpt from a letter of thanks received from Gordon Bennett, Executive Producer (Day Program):

"Dave, you lost a day and a half set-up time and you still managed to get everything done on time...well done to you and your very capable team...Each year seems to be better than the’s a big job which you make look easy but I am aware of the work you do to make it look that way, so thank you."

A record-breaking $16,405,534.65 was raised which will go towards projects and initiatives right across the hospital to bolster their talent, technology, research, and, of course the care they provide to patients.


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