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Good Friday Appeal 2009

Good Friday Appeal 2009

Good Friday Appeal 2009

Good Friday Appeal 2009

Because we are in a function room in a football stadium we are also at the behest of the AFL. Some years we have had a night match in the middle of our production week to contend with.

All in all its a complex job. With the help of the broadcast operations team at The Seven Network, each of the three production teams, and a suite of fantastic suppliers we are able to provide an environment fit for a major community television event that has been on the Seven Network for over 50 years.

In addition to the normal requirements for this project, this year, the executive producers decided it was time to upgrade the set This involved getting all three teams to agree on a design, specify it so it could be built, then build and install it. Because the production period is reduced to save money we only had 7 days from the time the set was signed off until it had to be installed. Luckily, TV set designing legend Peter Disney was on the case, and designed a set that worked in all senses of the word, was easy to build, and installed with a minimum of fuss. And, we couldn't have achieved what we did with the set without our set construction company, Staging Rentals

The result, a triumph! We could tell you for days about how our team's planning made this "the easiest GFA ever for all concerned" [Gordon Bennett - Exec Producer - Day] . But its not about that, its about one thing. The appeal raised $13,862,734 for the hospital. A mammoth effort in trying times. Thankyou Victoria.




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