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Teambuilding for DDB Sydney

  • RSG was to find a way to build personal bonds across the different divisions within DDB such as Mango Communications, Remedy, Rapp Collins. This activity needed to be different and unique, and keep the guests motivated and interested for the 3 – 4 hours.
  • The event needed to be conceived, designed and delivered in a foreign city within a time frame of only 2.5 weeks.
  • RSG had not done a Race around Sydney event before. We needed to find locations around Sydney where this could take place and design appropriate activities.
  • The staff of DDB are advertisers and therefore are “very cool”. For this reason any standard team building package was out of the question – RSG needed to design and deliver a unique program that would appeal to participants who would not normally engage with these sorts of activities.
  • The concept that we sold to DDB was that the team members needed to use their mobiles for text messages and photos for Race Around Sydney. They needed to text answers to “HQ” and then they would move on to the next location.
  • RSG needed to establish the right software and equipment to accommodate the text messages and photos coming through from each team – there were over 1,000 texts sent and received over the event period.
  • The Race around Sydney activity was taking place after the DDB Staff Meeting. As this staff meeting ran overtime, the Race started over an hour late. This meant that most of the teams did not get to complete each activity. The delayed start time meant that buses needed to deal with peak-hour traffic, which further delayed the start. RSG needed to adapt the event on the fly to effectively manage this challenge.

The “too cool for school” participants found that they enjoyed the activity, and became more involved than management expected. The event was delivered safely and successfully in a very short time frame, and the client was extremely pleased with the result.



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