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Myer 3 Weeks in New York

Myer 3 Weeks in New York

Myer 3 Weeks in New York

Myer 3 Weeks in New York

Myer - 3 weeks in New York

Myer stores around the country were themed using extensive visual merchandising, with each department adopting a different part of the Big Apple: Menswear was Wall Street, Cosmetics was Broadway, etc. Our brief was to develop a host of live communications that supported these themes. They were to be engaging, surprising, and in line with Myer’s brand image.

To meet these objectives we worked with some of the best Australian and New York talent, from actors, to weapons specialists, to suppliers of motor vehicles to the silver screen. The program was extensive and, to add just a little more of a challenge, it was rolled out simultaneously in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We created an NYPD squad car which arrived, sirens blazing, at the front door of Myer. We had some of New York’s finest fire fighters roving through the store. And we had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Toys providing a stark contrast to New York’s The Naked Cowboy who roamed around the more adult areas. But the centrepiece was definitely Broadway by Disguise.

A full audio system was installed in Cosmetics, concealed by columns and hidden on bulkheads. There was no stage, and no sign that a performance was planned. It seemed like business as usual in Myer.

Through our friends at SMA Productions we worked with some of Australia’s most notable musical theatre performers - the people who fill the leading roles when a Broadway show comes to our shores. We dressed them as Myer staff, shoppers and cosmetics attendants then surreptitiously sent them amongst the unsuspecting shoppers.

All of a sudden, and for no apparent reason, the music would begin: one of the eight numbers which we rotated each half hour for the day – from Fosse’s All That Jazz, to Sinatra’s New York New York. And surprised shoppers found that the person they were talking to began to sing.

The confusion grew as more and more performers joined the chorus, until there was tapping, swinging and soft shoe up and down the aisles amongst flabbergasted onlookers. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, the song ended and the performers melted back into the crowd as if nothing had ever happened.

Myer’s objectives were not only met but exceeded. The events delivered unexpected media coverage and the word of mouth we generated brought intrigued shoppers from far and wide.



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