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Supplier Sourcing

A great event is a mix of great ideas, great managers, and great suppliers. With this in mind there is little more important than selecting the right suppliers.

We have worked with literally hundreds and hundreds of suppliers over our years of combined experience. The number became so large that we implemented a formal supplier management system, in which each supplier is rated according to range, quality, performance and price.

When we have need of a supplier we refer to this system and select the most appropriate suppliers to quote on the work. Depending on the value of their contract, we will request quotes from between two and five different suppliers. The quotes are then rated by objective criteria and the results are entered back into our system, continually adding data on all potential suppliers.

We then make sure that they are briefed properly, that they have the correct insurances and permits, and that they are going to turn up in the right place, at the right time and on the right day.

We do this so that you can focus all of your time, and your brainpower, on delivering your message.


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