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Stage Management

You can do all the planning in the world, but if the person in control on the night isn’t on the ball, it can all fall apart within a matter of minutes. There is only one way to make sure every daydreaming presenter, mischievous performer and waylaid technician is in the right place for your event. Employ a dedicated stage manager!

Whether it's making sure that everything on stage happens as planned or to "show call" you entire event, there is nothing that substitutes for the experience and skills of a stage manager.

Show calling is a much-undervalued art because the average person usually doesn’t notice when cues are executed with precision... but they certainly notice when they’re not. Even a fraction of a second can become noticeable at show time.

We’ve stage managed shows with literally hundreds of cues, and this experience allows us to provide a synchronicity that makes events run like clockwork.

All of the stage managers who work with Ready, Set, Go have many years of experience and are involved with our producers and in meetings with you, the client, long before the event to ensure that everything goes exactly to plan. 


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