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easy, economical, dependable, basic event services

At Ready Set Go we’re all about great events, both large and small.  A number of our clients have told us that whilst they love using us for the big spectaculars, sometimes they do in-house managed events.  You know, that’s fine with us, we are all about using the right tool for the right job.  But sometimes you are doing an in-house event and you just need a little bit of help without producers, technical directors and stylists descending on your meeting room.  Your feedback has identified some simple things we could do to make your life easier. 

So, we have put together a series of packages based around our new sub-brand, RSGexpress.  RSGexpress is about providing those simple extras that make your event hum.

Of course, if you want the whole enchilada, we can help with that too...


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