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Ready Set Go launches "Melbourne Christmas Parties" with other event heavyweights

“We set up Melbourne Christmas Parties to give people a really easy option when they are organising the company Christmas party,” says Dave Deveny, Managing Director of Ready Set Go.  “We’ve used our decades of experience in organising Christmas parties large and small to create something really special.  All the hard work has already been done.  You just literally need to choose a theme, a time and a place and we’ll roll out the rest.  How easy is that!”

One of the great things about Melbourne Christmas Parties is their thoughtfully devised theming options.  “It’s just so convenient,” says Allie Hammet, Managing Director of Table Art.  “You select from a great range of themes and we come in and deliver as ordered.  You won’t be wasting your time selecting napkin or bauble colours – we’ve already got it sorted.  And because we’re experts in our fields, you can have the confidence that every event element will be spot on.”

Melbourne Christmas Parties have also pre-arranged a delicious set menu with a simple process for upgrading or extending the offering.  “We’ve focused on easy to eat canapés packed with fresh ingredients and great flavours.  And we’ve carefully matched them with some wonderful Australian beverages.  The guests will love it,” says Georgina Damm, Director of Damm Fine Food.

It is rare to see such talents come together to create packages such as this. Normally these types of products are designed around thin concepts and very basic venue and food combinations. We decided it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. This year’s hottest themes are partnered with options including 2 or 3 hour party duration and, having the party in your own venue or one from our extensive list.

Best of all, the packages start from just $160 per person.  That’ll keep the CEO and the taxman happy. Simple, stress free and a great result.  Sounds like an early Christmas gift too good to refuse.


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