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Shell at Top Gear Live

My God! It was hot!

Audi Q7 Launch

Launching the new Audi Q7 for Audi Centre Brighton at the Brighton Baths

Ferrari Driver Appearance

Bringing Kimi and Felipe to the people, Ready Set Go style...

Good Friday Appeal

$13,862,734 raised!

Myer Christmas Parade

Santa singing with the reindeer

Santa's Grand Arrival

How exciting! Madagascar's here...

Myer 3 Weeks in New York

A new concept in retail promotion

Shell Chairman's Dinner

Shell's premier event during the Grand Prix Weekend.

Myer Christmas Parade

Santa, Jen and Jordan enjoying the parade...

Shell World of Performance

Shell's promotional event for the 2008 Australian Grand Prix

Ready Set Green!

Global Warming is foremost in customers’ minds. Knowing that your customers care about it, you can make it the reason they choose you.

We are currently in the process of developing a platform for delivering completely carbon neutral events for our clients. We are calling it Ready, Set, Green. This involves a two-phase process: firstly to evaluate our business operations and minimise then offset our carbon cost; and secondly, to evaluate the events we manage so that we can offer our clients the opportunity to minimise or offset the impact of their events.

We are working with some of the world’s leading environmental auditors to develop an expansive calculation model which will allow us to predict and measure the impact that your event has on the environment. The audits are conducted in accordance with the internationally accepted GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, including ISO14064-1.

Once the emissions impact has been measured, we then have three options for managing the environmental outcome of your event: 1) we, with our environmental advisors, can develop a program of emission mitigation for your event and advise you of the financial impact of the mitigation for your approval; 2) we can arrange for the emissions of your event to be offset through the purchase of carbon credits; or 3) we can implement a plan to mitigate emissions and then purchase carbon credits on your behalf to make your event 100% carbon neutral.

We are working with our suppliers to create a Green Register which helps us to identify which suppliers have programs or plans in place to minimise or mitigate their emissions. This, in turn, will reduce the impact of your event from the outset. In addition, we are providing financial incentives for our suppliers to undertake a process of emission reduction/offset.

At Ready, Set, Go we became fully carbon neutral in our day-to-day business in March 2008.

We are serious about doing our thing for climate change. And, we are interested in hearing about your plans too.

Please call us at any time if you have any comments or suggestions, or would just like to have a general discussion about the environmental impact of events.


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