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About Dave

His client list is long and dedicated. Dave still works with some clients he first started working with as a freelancer 21 years ago.

As Managing Director of Ready Set Go, Dave is responsible for creating management processes for a wide variety of events on an ongoing basis. Dave uses his many years of experience to enhance this process. In addition, Dave tends to build teams that complement his skill set. He has the ability to mix his experience with those of the team members around him. Dave is a firm believer in the theory that the sum of a team’s skills is greater than its parts.

That being said, Dave is a seasoned decision-maker. One of Dave’s strongest skills is his ability to not only make decisions, but to make the right ones – and in a timely manner. With the immediacy of the event industry, and operating strictly by the philosophy that “the show must go on”, Dave has a proven track record of performing well under pressure. Simply put, no decision is too big. He is one who is as comfortable making a split-second decision that might save your life as he is choosing the perfect colour for your luncheon napkins.

Dave has interpersonal skills of a high order. This allows him to build extremely communicative teams that have the necessary skills to deliver events that exceed his client’s expectations – always on time and within budget. These communications skills are also indispensable when representing clients and/or stakeholders in discussions or negotiations with various parties (i.e. sponsorships, emergency services, statutory authorities, etc.)

As well as Dave’s management responsibilities, he is involved externally in industry panels and committees that discuss and implement policies and programs for the betterment of the industry and the people involved in it. Dave has attained a very high standing in his profession, is considered to be an expert in the industry and regularly presents to groups of meeting & event planners on production and event management techniques.

Dave Deveny is specifically the type of leader that you need for your event. He is experienced, committed, reliable, resourceful, flexible, driven and smart and is able to handle complex and sensitive situations with finesse, tact and expediency.


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