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About The Logo

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Our logo is four separated quadrants with dots in three.

The cross represents the structured approach we always use – we are creative, but have processes that leave nothing to chance in creating sensational events.

The red dot represents how we prepare or get Ready, with inspired thinking and meticulous planning. We investigate your motives and those of your stakeholders. We plan an effective communication strategy. We design all activities and elements to ensure your message cuts through.

The orange dot represents the production phase, getting Set for event day. We use our extensive experience and network of suppliers and colleagues along with Australian Standard risk management and safety management tools to ensure that no stone is unturned, all eventualities are planned for and that everyone involved understands their role in making the event a success.

The green dot represents event mode, or as we like to call it, Go time. This is when all our planning, design and production comes into play – and you achieve a meaningful, exciting, emotive event that communicates your message and elicits the desired response.

You’ll notice that one of the quadrants remains empty. This is no mistake. The white space represents our openness on concept and design – every project is a blank canvas waiting to be filled, and the opportunities are limitless.


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