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Shell at Top Gear Live

My God! It was hot!

Audi Q7 Launch

Launching the new Audi Q7 for Audi Centre Brighton at the Brighton Baths

Ferrari Driver Appearance

Bringing Kimi and Felipe to the people, Ready Set Go style...

Good Friday Appeal

$13,862,734 raised!

Myer Christmas Parade

Santa singing with the reindeer

Santa's Grand Arrival

How exciting! Madagascar's here...

Myer 3 Weeks in New York

A new concept in retail promotion

Shell Chairman's Dinner

Shell's premier event during the Grand Prix Weekend.

Myer Christmas Parade

Santa, Jen and Jordan enjoying the parade...

Shell World of Performance

Shell's promotional event for the 2008 Australian Grand Prix

About Ready Set Go.

Ready, Set, Go provides a total event management service.  Formed in 2006 by Dave Deveny, one of Australia’s leading event producers, the goal is to create events and live brand experiences that excite, educate, amaze and inspire.

Our philosophy is simple. We are all about you. Your passions, your ambitions, and your objectives are our inspiration. It’s why we do what we do. We want to be there when you exceed your business goals, overcome your challenges, and surpass your expectations. We are trusted partners – ask anyone we’ve worked with.

We believe events and live communication can touch your audience like no other form of communication. They can engage the heart and mind, promote change and activate behaviour. With the increasing quantity and speed of information delivery via so many mediums, it is critical to deliver your message effectively. To do this you need two things. Experience and Knowledge. At Ready, Set, Go we apply our years of event experience along with a clear understanding of your goals and modern event and communication techniques to build a customised event experience that connects with your audience and meets your organisational goals.

We manage all types of projects, big and small. From birthday parties for twenty BFF to television shows beamed out to millions. From the simple sourcing of a venue, along with basic catering and technical design to the complete development and management of fully produced conferences, product launches, and iconic public events.

Our approach to event management on its most subjective level is that the food is part of the show, the travel is part of the show, the volume of the speakers is part of the show. It is not just the words spoken by the person at the lectern, it is all of the components we can see and hear, and the best shows are those that create symmetry between all of these components. The Country and Western Music Awards should not offer seafood on the table and a jazz band inside a decadent ballroom. Guests should not have to struggle to find a venue, or be cold at the venue, or be prevented from mingling should that be the intention. It is no use having spectacular lighting if the food is appalling, or vice versa. It is the role of the event manager to ensure that the symmetry between components exists, building a clean platform for the hosts to communicate their message unhindered. It is here that we shine.

Strategy, concept development, project management, technical design, scriptwriting, entertainment management and multimedia design are all in our bag of tricks along with everything else you would expect from a great event management company.

About Dave

Dave Deveny’s experience encompasses almost every genre of our industry from Circus, TV, Theatre and Rock and Roll, to Corporate Theatre, where he has decided to lay his hat. His varied experience allows him to lend a level of reality to his endeavours by being a person who can bring ideas to fruition.


About Jo


Jo completed a marketing degree in the late 90’s and promptly set off on the traditional Aussie twenty-something’s rite of passage…a working holiday in the UK. It was then a massive change of pace to go from travelling the world and working in the Estee Lauder marketing division in swanky Mayfair, London, to return to the marketing division of Ford Motor Company in decidedly unswanky Broadmeadows, Melbourne.


About The Logo

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Our logo is four separated quadrants with dots in three.

The cross represents the structured approach we always use – we are creative, but have processes that leave nothing to chance in creating sensational events.

The red dot represents how we prepare or get Ready, with inspired thinking and meticulous planning. We investigate your motives and those of your stakeholders. We plan an effective communication strategy. We design all activities and elements to ensure your message cuts through.

The orange dot represents the production phase, getting Set for event day. We use our extensive experience and network of suppliers and colleagues along with Australian Standard risk management and safety management tools to ensure that no stone is unturned, all eventualities are planned for and that everyone involved understands their role in making the event a success.

The green dot represents event mode, or as we like to call it, Go time. This is when all our planning, design and production comes into play – and you achieve a meaningful, exciting, emotive event that communicates your message and elicits the desired response.

You’ll notice that one of the quadrants remains empty. This is no mistake. The white space represents our openness on concept and design – every project is a blank canvas waiting to be filled, and the opportunities are limitless.


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AirDome provides a point of difference at high traffic outdoor retail, festival and event promotions

AirDome can be installed in under 4 hours

AirDome is completely brandable.  Skins can be printed as a full digital graphic or in any color

All cabling runs through the structure for a clean and safe finish

AirDome is currently offered in 8m and 15m diameter versions but can be custom built at any size up to 25m

AirDomes can be designed in many shape variations

AirDome is fully engineer certified for all major Australian cities

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